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Katalena means six people standing face to face with Slovene folk music, it means a week out of a summer in Bela Krajina, an attempt that could have failed but didn't. 
Katalena is searching for an answer to a question that was never properly put. Our answer is our music. The songs that cast anchor somewhere between our consciousness and the consciousness of the people that are no more. 
At the same time Katalena is an idea that wanted nowhere yet got somewhere, the experiences gained though not sought for. It is of these experiences our stories tell. 


In summer 2002 Katalena recorded their first album entitled (Z)godbe – in Slovenian it is a game of words meaning something like: music tales. It contains 14 songs from very different musical environments of different regions of Slovenia. It was recorded in Studio 26 of Radio Slovenia for Založba kaset in Plošč RTV Slovenia with producer Janez Križaj. Album also includes three live recordings from their very first meeting point – workshop in Črmošnjice: Da göra ta škarbinina, Katalena and Ptujska grajska muzika. In Ptujska grajska muzika/The Castle Music from Ptuj, cello is played by Špela Avsec. They also made their first video for the song Da göra ta škarbinina directed by Hanna A. W. Slak. The video was played for eight weeks in the most popular Slovenian video show called Videospotnice, where it even reached the prime position. It was quite a shock for the Slovenian music scene, since bands playing Slovenian folk music don't usually get this kind of public attention, especially not among young people. The listeners of Slovenian national public radio Val 202 and Radio Koper - Capodistria, chose the same song as ‘Song of the Week’ while another song from the album (Istrska) became ‘Song of the week’ on the biggest alternative radio station Radio Študent. The record took second place in the album year chart of Radio Študent. 

Music written by: Boštjan Narat and Katalena 
Recorded at: Studio 26 of Radio Slovenia - june 2002 
Produced by: Janez Križaj and Katalena; Mix (5, 7-10, 12): Dare Novak; (1, 13, 14): Recorded in Črmošnjice (Bela Krajina) - july 2001; Sound engineer: Matija Krajnik; Mastering: Janez Križaj / Studio Metro; Guest musician: Špela Avsec - violončelo (14) 
Design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović 
Photography: Ivian Kan Mujezinović, Pavel Koltaj

Katalena: (Z)godbe (Music Tales) 

1.   Da göra ta škarbinina (Rezija) – 3.41 

2.   Dober večer, mamica (Porabje) – 4.09 

3.   Lepa Vida (Dolenjska) – 4.10 

4.   Ta lipovska (Rezija) – 5.46 

5.   Kolednica (Bela krajina) – 5.33 

6.   Zrelo je žito (Prekmurje) – 8.15 

7/8. Istrska (Istra) – 5.05 

9.   Po cesti mi gresta študenta dva (Prekmurje) – 7.04 

10.  Gda se dragi v Ameriko odpravla (Prekmurje) – 5.03 

11.  Smrt, zaprta v sod (Primorska) – 2.16 

12.  Izrasla je kopinja (Bela krajina) – 3.00 

13.  Katalena (Prekmurje) – 4.16 

+   Ptujska grajska muzika (Štajerska) – 1.46 

Datum izdaje: 2002-12-09

Da gora ta škarbinina


Dober večer, mamica


Lepa Vida


Ta lipovska




Zrelo je žito




Istrska - part 2


Po cesti mi gresta študenta dva


Gda se dragi v Ameriko odpravla


Smrt, zaprta v sod


Izrasla je kopinja




Ptujska grajska muzika

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