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Babje leto

Babje leto is the time when summer extends into autumn. It can be viewed as some sort of an adittion, a bonus, a remnant which exists regardless of our wishes and longings, cheering us up while at the same time reminding us of the fact that things could have taken a different path. 
Babje leto is the time which has endured. It is in this period that our Story has been inscribed. And there seems to be no ending to that summer of 2001.

In the beginning of 2004 Katalena returned to the studio. In a mere 3-day recording session they put to track another 11 remakes of known and unknown Slovene folk songs. The basic orientation of the band remained the same. Dallas records released this new kaleidoscope of Slovene folk music called Babje leto (peasants’ expression for Indian Summer) on April 13th 2004 under great interest of both music critics and the general public. In the first week of sales the album entered the (unofficial) Slovene sales chart Slo Top 30 at #29 and later on reached #5. On May 13th, Katalena presented the new album to the public in Križanke, Ljubljana’s esteemed open-air theater, where they performed together with Terrafolk and a Scotish band called Back of the Moon. The concert was recorded by radio BBC and Slovenian national television RTV SLO. During the summer Katalena represent Slovenia on EBU (European Broadcast Union) festival 2004, the band played in Italy - Toscana and continued to perform at many festivals throughout Slovenia. 

Music written by: Boštjan Narat and Katalena 
Recorded at: Studio Melopoja, january 2004; Aditional recording and editing: Studio Desn Bedr; Sound engineer: Janez Križaj Mix: Robert Oven and Dejan Radičević (2, 3, 9); Mastering: Julij Zornik; Guest musician: Vasko Atanasovski - saxophone (10); Male choir Katalena (3): Vasko Atanasovski, Boštjna Gombač, Peter Kocan, Tibor Mihelič, Boštjan Narat, Luka Sila; 
Design and photography: Ivian Kan Mujezinović

Katalena: Babje leto (The Indian Summer) 

1.   Oj, pojd dežek ti (Prekmurje) – 1.40 

2.   Široko more i Dunaj (Bela Krajina) – 4.43 

3.   Bija je fantičec mlad (Prekmurje) – 5.46 

4.   Aj, zelena je vsa gora (Bela Krajina) – 5.44 

5.   Bom pa ruteč orau (Koroška) – 6.07 

6.   Ne orji, ne sejaj / Gizdava (Prekmurje) – 4.49 

7.   Tam na laški gori (Gorenjska) – 5.24 

8.   Prvi rej (Koroška) – 5.53 

9.   Pobelelo pole z ovcama (Bela Krajina) – 6.53 

10.  Dež (Prekmurje) – 10.18 

11.  Rožmarin (Gorenjska) – 1.26

Datum izdaje: 2004-04-13

Oj, pojd dežek ti


Široko more i Dunaj


Bija je fantičec mlad


Aj, zelena je vsa gora


Bom pa ruteč orau


Ne orji, ne sejaj / Gizdava


Tam na laški gori


Prvi rej


Pobeleo pole z ovcama



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